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Fear Free Birth

Categories:  In the news...

Fear Free Birth is a new session being introduced by our hypnotherapist, Rachel Bray.  After working with antenatal and postnatal women for the last few years she discovered that feeling apprehensive or fearful of giving birth is all too common. 

People are more mobile than ever before, and many of us no longer grow up in extended families or strong local communities surrounded by our mothers, grandmothers, cousins and sisters - and their knowledge and experiences of normal and natural birth.  Today, most of our ideas and beliefs about childbirth come from film and television, which often portrays it as a dramatic and frightening event.  With media and medicine playing important roles in our lives today, it seems that many women do not realise what a natural and joyful event birth can be.

As well as being a hypnotherapist Rachel is a doula (birth partner) and breastfeeding counsellor. She has seen that, with the right kind of birth preparation, we can build up the knowledge and confidence to trust our body and our instincts, and this can make a huge difference to the experience we have when having our babies.  As we start to feel sure of our bodies and believe in what they can do, we can allow the birth process to happen with an inner calm and confidence.  Think of the athlete training for a race, she believes she is powerful and strong, that she can be successful, and that belief helps her body do what she wants it to.  It works the same with birth.  If we believe we can do it, we are far more likely to.

Relaxing and remianing at ease allows our powerful birthing hormones to do their job, to work with our bodies and enable us to give birth feeling safe and in control.  When you are relaxed your body releases endorphins (literally meaning morphine from within) which are nature's own painkillers.  Being relaxed in your mind means you are relaxed in your body, often resulting in a faster labour.  Babies who are born with relaxed mothers are usually more laid back, cry less and feed more easily.  Research studies from around the world have shown that the use of hypnosis and relaxation techniques in childbirth often means shorter labours, reduced use of pain medication, higher Agpar scores (measurement of baby's wellbeing at birth), and reduced surgical interventions (caesarean and forceps).  All these things also mean you will have a quicker recovery after the birth of your baby and are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression or anxiety.

New research published in July 2012 confirmed that women who are scared or fearful of birth have longer labours than those who aren't afraid of giving birth.

With Fear Free Birth sessions you can learn how to enable your body to do what you want it to do, to use the amazing power of your own mind and body to have a positive and beneficial birth experience, giving ourselves and our babies a great start to life.  All this enlightening new knowledge can be used not just during your labour and birth, but as your baby grows too.  Being able to relax when you feel stressed or overwhelmed is a great life skill to have, and can be used in situations all through your life.

The Fear Free Birth Session uses active birth ideas, deep relaxation and hypnotherapy combined to help you prepare for your birth.  It allows you to identify your fears before the birthday of your baby, and then learn and apply skills to help you overcome your fears.  Each session lasts an hour and includes techniques to stay calm, and ways to use self-hypnosis to allow you to have a more relaxed, positive and empowered birth experience. 

The session costs £45 or £160 for four sessions, including support with your birth plan.  

Why are complementary therapies so important?

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So just why are complementary therapies important?

The rise in popularity of complementary therapies over the last twenty years is undeniable.  There are more therapists than ever and a real call for what they can offer people.  So this question could be answered on three levels:

  • The importance of treating people as PEOPLE rather than as a medical object, concentrating solely on the health issue.
  • Looking at people holistically.  In order to help people stay as well as possible, it is imperative to treat the person not the illness.  It's a promotion of positive health as a method of illness prevention.  (As far as possible!)
  • The importance of alleviating stress.  Ah, this is a big one!

More than 70% of illnesses are stress-related, and chronic long-term stress can have a hugely detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. 

To put this into context, let's imagine that Mrs Smith has a stressful job and a busy life with little 'down-time'.  She rarely stops and builds in time for herself.  The stress continues.  Her sleep becomes affected.  She becomes tired.  To cope with this and the consistently high level of stress she turns to caffeine and junk food to keep going and mask the fatigue.  Her immune system becomes depleted.  She starts suffering from viruses and minor illnesses, frequent coughs and colds, digestive issues, muscle pain and headaches, insomnia.  She resorts to asking her GP for antibiotics and other prescribed medications to alleviate her symptoms.   She keeps going at the same pace.  There may come a time when this becomes too much and she is forced to stop and rest.  Mrs Smith is out of options.  Her body can only cope with so much.  Which is where natural therapies can support and help mind and body to cope and to rebalance.

The World Health Organisation have warned that antibiotics have become so widely prescribed that bacteria have begun to evolve and develop resistance to them.  (Daily Mail 1/5/14).

In 2013, 41.7 million prescriptions were written, a rise from 37.2 million in 2006.  The WHO's warning that "deaths from cuts and grazes, diarrhoea and even flu will soon be common as antibiotics lose their power to fight infections" is a chilling one.

Is this time to look at ways of promoting and maintaining our own health, taking responsibility and looking at preventing, as far as possible, minor ill-health and stress-related issues?  To coin a well-used phrase, it's all about shutting the stable door BEFORE the horse has bolted and not afterwards.  Which is where holistic therapies come in.  Looking after ourselves the natural way will help keep us in good health.

The majority of our regular clients are now well and enjoy life with predominantly good health.  Why do they still come for holistic treatments? Because they want it to stay that way!

Look after your body, it really is the only place you have to live.



What Osteopathy can do...

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Our increasingly busy osteopath, Katie, had a VERY happy client recently who wanted to share her experience... All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put 'Mumpty' together again - but Katie did! 

"So it seems I have coined a new phrase. 'Mumpty'.  This is exactly how I felt after a recent and quite painful horse riding accident on the final day of a wonderful family holiday in Devon.  Body boarding, banger racing, camping out in the summer soaked elements, beach combing and rock climbing.  All mastered without a whisper of any first aid for the mini massive - and then there was me, Mumpty... Who somehow managed to turn an innocent horse riding trek with my sporting hero of a son into quite a serious incident after my spirited horse decided to bolt.  

Mama managed to smash her pelvic bone tip, was badly winded and ended up in hospital for emergency treatment with serious bruising, whiplash to the neck and a various delightful menu of horsey bodily aches and pains.  

After my initial healing period I found I was left with a constant nagging neck pain that remained elusive to the powers of the hospital treatment or copious amounts of Biofreeze and of course RICE. 

So when I heard about the work of the latest therapist to join The Camomile Rooms, Katie Johnston, I bolted at the opportunity of an appointment.  Why?  Well she had recently qualified as a rather impressive M(Ost)DO Osteopath focusing specifically on a family-orientated osteopathic service which specialises in general musculoskeletal complaints.

Osteopathy is a philosophy and form of alternative healthcare that emphasises the interrelationship between structure and function of the body, as well as the body's ability to heal itself.  Osteopaths facilitate the healing process, principally by the practice of manual and manipulative therapy. 

The treatment costs just £40 for your initial session and just £35 for follow-on treatments and kick starts with a very thorough health consultation and moves into a physical check of your mobility and flexibility of various muscle groups.  A very clever clogs way of quickly getting to grips with how you will respond to certain muscle manipulation. 

After about 45 minutes of being muscle-moulded back into line I can happily say that my 'Mumpty' injuries feel like they are well on their way of being banished for good.  My neck muscles have been stretched back to their 'normal' state and feel much more relaxed and at ease.  My pain has subsided and perhaps a little bit of my pride is back to attack.  Thank you Katie!"

New Year, New You, New....Baby?

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A lovely review from Ask Baby Cotswold...

"We were kindly invited along to review a reflexology treatment over at The Camomile Rooms, located on St Georges Road, Cheltenham. 

A wonderfully relaxing experience from the very moment we entered the salon with gorgeous oils burning and a lovely warm welcome from the owner Nicola Read.  A steaming cup of herbal tea was offered while she set to work on my health assessment.  Very professional and thorough; it was clear to me that there was a lot of specialist knowledge and experience here. 

The Camomile Rooms is actually a very special place for reflexology as they specialise in reproductive reflexology and assisted conception care.  I was informed that many of their clients who were looking for a fertility boost had found it there.  How brilliant.  Next thing I knew, i was snuggled up and ready to let the smooth and capable hands of Nicola do their magic...

For those that are not sure what all this said 'foot rubbing' is all about...well, my friends - Reflexology is a gentle holistic therapy that uses specific reflexes on the feet to detect restore imbalances within the body, as well as encouraging its own natural healing abilities. 

Aside from being utterly pampered and de-stressed the interesting result was that a week or so later I found that my own 'unreliable' cycle was completely back on track!  So if this happened after just one treatment....Highly recommended for those that are at any stage of their fertility planning or would need pre-conceptual care in any form.  

We will definitely be back!"