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What Osteopathy can do...

Categories:  In the news...

Our increasingly busy osteopath, Katie, had a VERY happy client recently who wanted to share her experience... All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put 'Mumpty' together again - but Katie did! 

"So it seems I have coined a new phrase. 'Mumpty'.  This is exactly how I felt after a recent and quite painful horse riding accident on the final day of a wonderful family holiday in Devon.  Body boarding, banger racing, camping out in the summer soaked elements, beach combing and rock climbing.  All mastered without a whisper of any first aid for the mini massive - and then there was me, Mumpty... Who somehow managed to turn an innocent horse riding trek with my sporting hero of a son into quite a serious incident after my spirited horse decided to bolt.  

Mama managed to smash her pelvic bone tip, was badly winded and ended up in hospital for emergency treatment with serious bruising, whiplash to the neck and a various delightful menu of horsey bodily aches and pains.  

After my initial healing period I found I was left with a constant nagging neck pain that remained elusive to the powers of the hospital treatment or copious amounts of Biofreeze and of course RICE. 

So when I heard about the work of the latest therapist to join The Camomile Rooms, Katie Johnston, I bolted at the opportunity of an appointment.  Why?  Well she had recently qualified as a rather impressive M(Ost)DO Osteopath focusing specifically on a family-orientated osteopathic service which specialises in general musculoskeletal complaints.

Osteopathy is a philosophy and form of alternative healthcare that emphasises the interrelationship between structure and function of the body, as well as the body's ability to heal itself.  Osteopaths facilitate the healing process, principally by the practice of manual and manipulative therapy. 

The treatment costs just £40 for your initial session and just £35 for follow-on treatments and kick starts with a very thorough health consultation and moves into a physical check of your mobility and flexibility of various muscle groups.  A very clever clogs way of quickly getting to grips with how you will respond to certain muscle manipulation. 

After about 45 minutes of being muscle-moulded back into line I can happily say that my 'Mumpty' injuries feel like they are well on their way of being banished for good.  My neck muscles have been stretched back to their 'normal' state and feel much more relaxed and at ease.  My pain has subsided and perhaps a little bit of my pride is back to attack.  Thank you Katie!"

New Year, New You, New....Baby?

Categories:  In the news...

A lovely review from Ask Baby Cotswold...

"We were kindly invited along to review a reflexology treatment over at The Camomile Rooms, located on St Georges Road, Cheltenham. 

A wonderfully relaxing experience from the very moment we entered the salon with gorgeous oils burning and a lovely warm welcome from the owner Nicola Read.  A steaming cup of herbal tea was offered while she set to work on my health assessment.  Very professional and thorough; it was clear to me that there was a lot of specialist knowledge and experience here. 

The Camomile Rooms is actually a very special place for reflexology as they specialise in reproductive reflexology and assisted conception care.  I was informed that many of their clients who were looking for a fertility boost had found it there.  How brilliant.  Next thing I knew, i was snuggled up and ready to let the smooth and capable hands of Nicola do their magic...

For those that are not sure what all this said 'foot rubbing' is all about...well, my friends - Reflexology is a gentle holistic therapy that uses specific reflexes on the feet to detect restore imbalances within the body, as well as encouraging its own natural healing abilities. 

Aside from being utterly pampered and de-stressed the interesting result was that a week or so later I found that my own 'unreliable' cycle was completely back on track!  So if this happened after just one treatment....Highly recommended for those that are at any stage of their fertility planning or would need pre-conceptual care in any form.  

We will definitely be back!"